Bernie loves conversations with his young fans!

Speed - a beautiful driftwood sculpture of a dolphin

Best Wood Sculpture 2014


Awarded “Best Wood Sculpture”
in New Hope Art Center
(Work In Wood) Gallery 2014.
New Hope, PA


Because nature does not mimic itself, his entire collection is one-of-a-kind.
There is not a single piece like it on this planet.

download1Bernie has traveled both nationally and internationally collecting driftwood. Most of the pieces were found in the Atlantic region of the United States. He spends nearly sixty days in his studio on each piece: from curing, sanding and painting, then adding a polished finish to each creation.

Each Bernie Houston sculpture is one solid piece, inspired by the natural design structure of the wood itself. Fifty percent is nature – fifty percent the unique creativity of Bernie. Because nature does not mimic itself, his entire collection is one-of-a-kind. There is not a single piece like it on this planet.

beach driftwood

Bernie meticulously chooses driftwood based on its age, shape and overall form. The wood determines the nature of the piece. His gifted ability to visualize and carve each piece is what makes his work unique. The right tools, the right styles of carving, and complete attention to detail create Bernie‛s wonderful masterpieces. The artist‛s final touch is the paint and varnish process.

Here, the very essence of the sculpture is brought to life.

From start to finish, the artist and the driftwood become one. This union results in your sculpture
always being delivered with a signed Letter of Authenticity.

Bernie Houston

Best NEW Arts Fest Artist

Arts Alive 2014 “Judges Choice Award” in Ocean City, Maryland.
Ocean City…You Rock!
Thank you for the opportunity to share my sculptures with you at the “Arts Fest 2013″.
I must say that the layout at the Annmarie Gardens was beautiful. Thanks again Arts Fest 2013,
Annmarie Sculpture Garden, Dowell, Maryland for this “Best New Artist Award” 2013.

2013 Best of Show ARTS ALIVE

Ocean City, Maryland: I would like to thank Ocean City (Arts Alive) for this wonderful award. This has been a fun show with lots of new friends who loved the sculptures. I’m looking forward to next year with something totally new with Sea Drift Sculptures. Thanks again.

2012 People’s Choice Award

awardI would like to thank Ocean City, Maryland for the 2012 Art’s Alive People’s Choice Award. It was a great show and the people  were very excited about my work. Looking forward to 2013. Thanks again Ocean City, Maryland.

Review from Handy Concepts Art Gallery

Cheryl Handy wrote a fine piece on the driftwood sculptures exhibited at her Handy Concepts Art Gallery, recently moved to Red Lion, PA. Decidedly, Bernie Houston is a gallery favorite. His driftwood sculptures are definite crowd pleasers. __________ Cheryl

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